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Neopost Mailing Solutions Neopost’s range of digital mailing systems efficiently support mailing applications for any size office. Conveniently compact and easy to use, the advanced features of these machines are ideal for businesses parcel post.

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There is no need for loose stamps and petty cash required to buy stamps - just use the machine that matches your requirements. All are fully locked and pin protected, so that only authorized users can use it. You can check usage with a printed report when required.

The IJ series is 100% inkjet and 100% digital, which gives you superbly crisp, clean impressions. Up to ten customised slogans can be loaded from memory cards and you can add your company name, greeting, marketing slogans - even logos and Photographs.


More security, better control

- Exact rate, “No more guess the wait”

- Unparalleled easy to use

- Modular technology that grows with business

The Neopost IJ-25 combines advanced digital technology with a sleek look and compact dimensions to comfortably fit into any modern office environment.  High-quality digital printing gives crisp, clean impressions and a quiet performance.  The IJ-25 franks straight onto envelopes up to 8mm thick or ont self-adhesive labels on larger packages or parcels.

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The Neopost IJ-40 is the professional choice for ease-of-use and advanced functionality.

- Quiet operation with one-touch controls

- Integrated weigh platform for accurate rate calculation

- Envelope processing speeds of up to 65 lpm

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The Neopost IJ-50 delivers the next level of mailing performance for flourishing businesses.

- Integrated weight platform for accurate rate calculation

- Envelope processing speeds of up to 95 lpm

- Track expenditures for up to 100 departments.

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